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Stan Podolak



Portrayed by

Wayne Knight


Tune Squad

Stanley "Stan" Podolak is a publicist who job is to make sure nobody bothers Michael Jordan.


Stan first appears when he is told to make sure that Michael stays happy venturing into his new career as a baseball player. From there on he drove Michael home and accompanied him when he went gulfing with Bill Murray and Larry Bird.

When Michael gets sucked down the golf hole by the Looney Tunes into their world Stan eventually finds a way to join him. After he arrives in their world, he offers his help to Michael to beat the Monstars in a basketball game. At the ultimate game as it was called Stan learns that the Monstars stole the talent from the NBA players who have been acting strange on Earth.

When the Tune Squad decides to play at their best Stan eventually is put in the game due to the injuries of other players. Stan doesn’t last long however as the Monstars dog pile on top of him and flatten him on the court like a pancake. Stan is then subsequently inflated; like a balloon, out of his pancake state by the dog medics using a bicycle pump. Discovering that humans have all the abilities of “toons” in the Looney Tunes world Michael stretches his arms while dunking just before time runs out to win the game.

After the game, Michael and Stan return to their own world where Michael is greeted by everyone in the baseball stadium.

Michael and Stan later find all the NBA players devoid of their skills and return their basketball talents back to them.

Publicist career

Stan is a publicist. A publicist job is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure, just as Stan manages for Michael. Most top-level publicists work in private practice, handling multiple clients.

One of the publicist's main jobs is to generate press coverage on behalf of clients and to serve as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. A publicist writes press releases, manages campaigns and performs other public relations functions. It usually takes many years to develop the media contacts, experience and relationships necessary to be an effective publicist.


Stan has an eccentric yet bumbling personality. He is quirky and has an unusual or odd behavior. He has also been shown to be very helpful and positive. Although some of his help is sometimes viewed as unnecessary. Despite this he has shown to be a helpful member of the team; discovering the truth of the Nerdlucks turned Monstars new power.

And he is also known as selfless, trustworthy, aspiring, nice, social, thoughtful, accountable, nurturing, loyal, emotional, understanding, polite, observant, dignified, open-minded, level-headed, astute and kind-hearted.

While throughout the movie it is shown that Stan is eager it is spotlighted when Stan travels to the Looney Tunes’ world and shows a keen interest in becoming a member of the Tune Squad.


Before Wayne Knight was cast as Stan, director Joe Pytka's initial choices were Michael J. Fox and Chevy Chase, whom he had worked with on Doritos commercials; Warner Bros. rejected both actors. Jason Alexander also turned down the role. In addition to Fox, Chase and Alexander, Vincent D'Onofrio, Steve Martin, John Goodman, the late Robin Williams, Tim Allen, Rick Moranis, Rob Schneider, David Schwimmer, John Travolta and the late Phil Hartman were all considered for the role of Stan Podolak.