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The Goon Squad are supporting antagonists in the 2021 Warner Bros. hybrid film Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to the 1996 classic film Space Jam replacing the Monstars.

They are a group of basketball players who served Al-G Rhythm and play against the Tune Squad.

Wet-Fire is voiced by Klay Thompson, The Brow is voiced by Anthony Davis, Chronos is voiced by Damian Lilard, White Mamba is voiced by Diana Taurasi, and Arachnneka is voiced by Nneka Ogwumike.


Similar to Al-G, the Goon Squad is shown to be cruel and unfair. Multiple times throughout the game do they torment members of the Tune Squad and use tactics that are not allowed in regular Basketball without the other team being allowed to do the same at first.

Despite this, each team member supports one another and treats each other like equals. As shown when they begin to win against the Tune Squad at first, they congratulate one another and act playful with Dom.




Chronos appear after the rest of the goons. He's a male golden clock-like robot who has the abilities to be more faster than "Roadrunner"(especially when he tried to feed him to Wile E. Coyote). Acts like the team leader/champion, But later was outmatched by "Granny" and later he turned old.

White Mamba

White Mamba was first introduced before the rest of the goons. She's a female snake like a Naga/Lamia, who use her tail/coils to restrain her opponents including Bugs & Lola. She acts like the team leader behind Chronos.

The Brow

The Brow is a dark blue male-like bird man, who sees Tweety as his rival. Uses his feathers for fingers. He was insulted by LeBron by making comments about his eyebrows.

Wet Fire

Wet Fire is based on both versions of Hydro-Man and Molten Man. Has the ability to shoot fire and water and uses his powers to turn into a puddle to get past the tunes. But later was outmatched by Gossamer.


Arachnneka is a red female mutant Arachnid version of Spider-Girl and Man-Spider. She has four legs and uses her web powers to beat up LeBron. She see Lola Bunny as her rival.



  • The Goon Squad were all based by the five basketball players:
  • Diana Taurasi
    • Klay Thompson
    • Nneka Ogwumike
    • Anthony Davis
    • Damian Lillard
  • White Mamba was inspired by Taurasi's basketball nickname "White Mamba".
  • Wet-Fire was inspired by the "Splash Brothers" nickname given to the duo of Thompson and Stephen Curry. As well as based on Hydro Man and Molten Man from Spider-Man.
  • Arachneeka was named after Nneka Ogwumike.
  • The Brow was named after one of Davis nicknames.
  • Chronos was inspired by Lillard's basketball nickname "Dame Time".
  • Unlike The Monstars who had a large role in the original Space Jam, the Goon Squad didn't appear until all the citizens of the Server-Verse arrived at the court after the Tunes got an upgrade. How every there existence did foreshadowed when Dom was adding both snake and spider and a few original NBA and WNBA players to combine their forms only when Al-G Rhythm uses his programming capabilities.