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Bupkus is a major antagonist in Space Jam.

He is the naive one out of the Nerdlucks. As a nerdluck he is voiced by Catherine Reitman and as a monstar he is voiced by Dorian Harewood.


Bupkus is a purple nerdluck who wears a yellow bowtie, he speaks in a high cheerful voice. As a monstar he is very muscular and has dark purple hair after he stole the talent from Larry Johnson, he speaks in a deep suave voice.


As a nerdluck, he is naive and cheerful. As a monstar, he is emotional and cocky. He enjoys mocking Michael Jordan and hurting the Looney Tunes.


Bupkus is first seen licking Mr. Swackhammer's sandals, when Bupkus says looney that gives Swackhammer the idea. Bupkus giggled and he cheerfully exclaimed "Looney tunes!" with the pom poms in his hands.

When the Nerdlucks first meet Bugs Bunny, Bupkus is disappointed that Bugs tricked into not knowing who he is. Then they all confront Bugs with their laser guns and Bupkus says "What do you think we are, stupid?"

At the emergency meeting when the Nerdlucks all the message in the book, Nawt says that its in the rule book and Bupkus agrees with him. Then the Nerdlucks are challenged Bupkus felt excited about basketball, however, they don't know what basketball is and so while watching a movie about basketball history Bupkus is seen listening to it cheerfully.

Then they all went to New York in disguise he smiled happily when Pound stole Charles Barkley's talent. Bupkus is seen holding the glowing basketball cheerfully.

Then they return to Looney Tune Land, Bupkus among with the others tried working out. Bupkus reacts cheerfully while touching the ball as the talent goes into his body.

After the transformation, he smiled arrogantly at the Looney Tunes. Bupkus reacts in shock when Bang slammed the ball onto the ground which caused an earthquake. As the Monstars leave, Bupkus mockingly says "Bye-bye." to the tunes.

Bupkus among with Bang broke down the doors and he exclaimed "I'm here!" Then they meet Michael Jordan, Bupkus pounds his fist into his hand as they approach him. When Michael refuses, Bupkus mocked Michael, then he laughs with Nawt and Pound. Bupkus and Bang pulled Blanko glaring at him for being friendly. Bupkus smiled and snickered at Michael among with the other Monstars on what decision is going to be.

As the ultimate game begins, the Monstars enter the court Bupkus does a body slam with Bang. Bupkus smiled at Michael while crossing his arms. Bupkus among with Pound, Bang and Nawt block Michael's way as Bupkus says to Michael "Come on! Show me something!" Then Bupkus sees Daffy Duck with the ball and they all charge at him, but dog piled on Granny. Bupkus slam dunked the ball two times and he among with Pound, Bang and Blanko say "Red light." to Michael Jordan while blocking him. Bupkus sees Michael Jordan blocking his way and Pound grabs and spins Michael around. Bupkus yells "9-1-1!" as he slam dunks.

After the first half game, Bupkus high fives with Blanko and Nawt as they head to their locker room. They went into their locker room Bupkus high fives with Bang until their celebration was cut short Bupkus reacts in shock upon seeing Swackhammer and gasped "It's the boss!" Bupkus and the other Monstars wave and said hello to Swackhammer. As Swackhammer tells them to keep this up in the game and Bupkus nods in agreement. When they found Stan Podolak hiding in the locker, Bupkus among with the other Monstars glare at him.

At the second half of the game, Bupkus growls with Porky Pig. As Bupkus tried to make a shot to the basket he reacts in shock upon seeing the explosives devices. Then he angrily grabbed Wile E. Coyote, he shows his teeth at Wile E while glaring at him until his teeth got shot by Elmer Fudd and Yosemite Sam. Bupkus attempts to block Michael Jordan's shot by failed. Bupkus among with Bang and Blanko faint from Pepe's skunk smell. Then Bupkus among with Pound, Bang and Blanko surround Tweety Bird until he fights back. Bupkus gets punched in the face and hair pulled off by Tweety.

Then Swackhammer furiously confronts them for not getting Michael Jordan and Bupkus explained that Michael is a baseball player. As Swackhammer goes to Michael Jordan Bupkus looks on smiling and said "Uh-oh." Bupkus among with Pound, Bang and Nawt smiled gleefully while Swackhammer is making a deal with Michael Jordan.

After the deal, Bupkus among with the other Monstars were forced to crush the Looney Tunes by Swackhammer. Bupkus among with Bang butt-slammed Porky. Bupkus among with Pound blocked Michael's way as he attempts to make a shot. Then Bupkus elbowed and pinned Elmer Fudd, he punched Foghorn Leghorn in the beak. Then he used Foghorn as a golf club and Tweety as a golf ball he yells "Fore!" and hits him sending him flying. Bupkus then smashes Daffy with his hand like a pancake and Daffy talks dizzily to him as he hugs Bupkus's face. An annoyed Bupkus pulls Daffy off his face which causes to get his mixed-up.

After Stan gets put in the game, Bupkus among with Bang, Blanko and Pound dog pile on him which flattens him like a pancake then they get off him.

Near the end of the game, Bupkus is handed the basketball by Marvin the Martian then Bupkus elbowed him. Bupkus tried to get the ball as he says "That's mine!" by it gets the ball stolen by Bugs and Bupkus exclaimed "Hey!" As Michael heads for the basket for the final shot Bupkus among with Bang attempt to stop him. Bupkus grabbed Bang's waist as Bang grabbed Michael's waist they both look on in shock knowing they're gonna lose. Bupkus closed his eyes while Michael makes the final shot.

Bupkus among with the other Monstars are yelled by Swackhammer who is furious at them for losing the game. Swackhammer stomped on Bupkus's foot in anger which causes him to howl in pain and holds his sore foot. Michael Jordan asked them why they put up the abuse from Swackhammer and Bupkus replied in a scared tone "Because he's bigger." then they all turn on him, Bupkus among with Bang and Nawt grab him then they stuff in a rocket. Bupkus among with the other Monstars wave good-bye to him. Bupkus smiled warmly and blushed as he wiggled his eyebrows when Michael proudly says that they had in them all the time. Bupkus reacts in shock and sadness when he and the other Monstars are told to give the NBA player's their talent back. Bupkus placed his hand on the basketball first as he sadly sighed "Oh, okay." After becoming Nerdlucks again Bupkus popped out from his jersey feeling dizzy and said "That was so much fun."

To prove that they're looney enough, Bupkus wears a Porky Pig mask he and the other were shot by Nawt.